Criminal law

Has the prosecution summoned you for questioning as a person under investigation?

Are you aware of your rights as an alleged offender? For example, when does the right to refuse to testify apply?

As a rule, a summons must be complied with unless there is a just cause for not doing so. This must be notified to the criminal prosecution authorities in advance and in good time. Anyone who fails to appear without excuse after a summons must expect a fine or even a police citation.

Our team of criminal lawyers is committed to informing you of your situation and your chances in a transparent manner and to assisting you throughout the procedure.

Allow us to help you. We will answer all your questions without any prejudice and outline your options for action.


Commercial Criminal Law

Our attorneys provide comprehensive advice in all criminal law matters, in particular in the area of commercial criminal law. We advise and represent you before the competent authorities and courts.
commercial criminal law includes i.a. the following offences:

  • General property offenses (in particular, fraud)
  • Banking criminal law and capital market criminal law
  • Unfair competition
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Money laundering
  • Insider trading and stock exchange offences
  • Corruption
  • Tax fraud offences
  • Corporate criminal law offences


Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense attorneys provide comprehensive advice on all criminal law issues and defend you before police, public prosecutors, and courts.

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Victim Representation

Our attorneys focus on an efficient and effective strategy for the representation of injured parties or victims. We always examine the possibility and feasibility of an adhesion procedure*, which saves you time and money.

Our attorneys will give you their expert advice.

*Adhesion procedure: In this procedure, the damages you have suffered as a result of a crime or a compensation can be claimed within the criminal proceedings. In certain circumstances, an additional, civil law procedure can thus be avoided. This procedure is not always possible and is subject to certain legal conditions.


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