1. Services of the lawyers

        The calculation of the fee is directed after the following principles:

a) temporal extent of the efforts;
b) Importance and meaning of the thing for the principals;
c) Difficulty in actual and juridical regard.

Our hourly sentences vary between CHF 200.00 and CHF 600.00; as far as nothing else was agreed, a beginning of CHF 350.00 is valid.

The cost of the secretariat is included.

Office costs (Copies to CHF 1.50, postages, telephone charges etc.) and displays (travelling expenses etc.) are calculated separately.

In particular cases an interest value or an all-inclusive can be agreed, in addition.

All achievements are liable to value added tax, as far as the calculation receiver does not have his residence / seat abroad (except Liechtenstein).

With judicial discussions the in each case valid judicial fee beginning, at least, however, the fee is valid according to hourly expenditure.


2. Services of the notary publics

The services are directed after the in each case valid cantonal rate. The suitable legal basis in the cantons of both Basel is returned in the following. The order about the prize announcement requires that public deliveries must be included in the price. The following cantonal rates give the fees, however, without value added tax. The legal value added tax is only owed, in addition, provided that the fee debtor has his residence / seat in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein. Hence, we return the cantonal rates in the following consistently, that is without legal value added tax. By the so-called foreign registration the notary costs become from case to case after the object value and the expenditure to be expected negotiated.


Ordinance on Fees for Private Notaries in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft
Ordinance on the Notarial Tariff Basel-Stadt

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