Inheritance Law

Do you want to settle your estate fairly and without great expense? Do you want the division of your estate to be carried out correctly and without dispute? ...

You would like to settle your estate fairly and with minimum effort? You wish the distribution of the estate to be fair and undisputed? You have general questions about inheritance law?

Our inheritance law specialists will advise and help you find the best solution.

Our lawyers are proficient in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. This enables us to support you in all matters of inheritance law, also on an international level.

Execution of will

If your financial circumstances are complex or if disagreements among your heirs are to be expected, it is recommended to consult an outside expert. We are available to assist you as independent advisors and personal representatives. An executor from Waldmann Petitpierre will administrate your estate according to the specifications stipulated in your inheritance contract or testament.

Representation of heirs

Before the settlement of the estate, the entire patrimony is transferred to the heirs. They must manage the assets jointly and unanimously. This may result in the impossibility of carrying out certain tasks, such as, e.g. urgent maintenance of property. In such cases it is advisable to appoint an independent advisor to represent the heirs.

Our lawyers will be happy to bring their insightful support.

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