Notariat Sie möchten ein Unternehmen gründen? Ein Haus kaufen? Sie haben Fragen bezüglich Aufsetzung eines Testamentes? Sie möchten sicherstellen, …


You would like to start a business? Buy a house? Do you have questions regarding the drafting of a will? Do you want to ensure that your business continues to operate according to your will in the event of an accident or illness?

We help you to fulfil such wishes and solve problems. Our team of notaries is at your side with many years of experience.

As one of the oldest law firms in Basel, we offer our clients notary public’s services in the many and various matters concerning real estate transactions, corporate law, matrimonial law, and inheritance law. In Switzerland, many legal transactions require notarial legalization. Our notaries will provide you with competent, prompt, and efficient support and expert advice. We look forward to welcoming you to our offices in the heart of the city of Basel or in Pratteln (BL).

Our team is here to assist you.

Our work processes are transparent. We consider it our duty to inform you about what we are doing for you, the outcome to be expected and the costs it involves. Therefore, at the beginning of each mandate, we define clearly with you the content of the project and advise you on the associated costs.

Marriage law

Our notaries and lawyers will advise you on the drawing of a prenuptial agreement. We assist you during the entire process with legal competence and understanding.

In the notary public's office, we carefully examine the facts and interests and inform the parties about opportunities and risks. Only then do we stipulate contractually the final decisions and draw up the documents to be notarized. If the need arises, we can call in a mediator from our team. Mediator oder eine Mediatorin beiziehen.

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Inheritance Law

While it is not absolutely necessary to go to a notary public to draw up a testament, an inheritance contract is only valid with an official notarization. By means of this public authentication, the legislator ensures that the signatories are aware of and understand the legal consequences of the document. The notary public guarantees that, for example, a contract is drawn up clearly and correctly in legal terms. This can prevent many potential family conflicts.

Spare your heirs possible subsequent legal disputes. Allow our experienced notaries and lawyers to advise you. 

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Corporate law

Joint stock company, limited liability company, general partnership, limited partnership – when establishing a company, the founder must be fully aware of the consequences and implications of each legal form. We support entrepreneurs in setting up a company and advise them from a legal and entrepreneurial perspective.

You can benefit from the vast experience of our team of lawyers and notaries. We support both established SME, that wish to restructure their business segments, and newly created start-ups.

Arrange a preliminary, non-binding consultation. 

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Land register

Are you planning to buy a house? Whether it is the preparation of the purchase contract or the formulation of the promissory note, our notaries will be happy to assist you.

Do you have questions about condominium ownership, usufruct, construction law or the intention to donate a plot of land? We will assess your situation and facilitate the procedure with the land registry.

Provision order

What happens if you are no longer able to communicate as a result of a serious accident or stroke? Who will take care of your business, decisions, payments? How do you ensure that your testament remains valid?

Our lawyers and notaries will offer you assistance in drawing up a provision order. By doing so, you make sure that your testament remains valid even after a severe blow of fate. This guarantees that your interests continue to be protected and you can spare your relatives potential trouble.

We will be happy to help you. 

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