Legal representation

Do you need a trial lawyer to support you in a court case? ...

Do you need a trial lawyer to support you in a court case?

Good lawyers are not necessarily good trial lawyers. All our lawyers have the best legal knowledge and expertise: this is a prerequisite at Waldmann Petitpierre. The task of the trial lawyer is to assert your claims in court according to the existing regulations, which can be sometimes complex, especially for laymen. Prior to initiating a procedure, several important issues need to be decided upon. The errors committed at this stage cannot always be corrected later - and especially not without consequences. It is therefore generally recommended to seek advice before initiating legal proceedings. Our trial lawyers are highly skilled negotiators. They have extensive experience in court and are fully committed to you and your interests.

Rely on the best skills and highest competence of our trial lawyers.


  • Ordinary procedures
  • Arbitration procedure
  • Free legal aid
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions
  • Debt collection law and bankruptcy law (Debt collection)
  • Mediation

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