Contract law

Do you want to get out of an existing contract? Or would you like an expert to review a contract for you? ...

Do you want to withdraw from an existing contract? Or would you like to have a contract reviewed by an expert or have a tailor-made contract drafted? Do you need general terms and conditions or would you like to have existing terms and conditions reviewed?

In the enthusiasm of buying a house, at the launch of a construction project, when starting a new job or hiring a new employee, the importance of a contract can sometimes be overlooked. Understandably, one does not want to think about the risks in this moment of happiness, but beware: do not sign a contract in haste. A brief consultation and a critical review of the contract by experts can help you avoid potential inconveniences and future problems.

Our lawyers have many years of experience in contract law. We will be happy to advise you before the conclusion of a contract or support you in dissolving existing contracts without prejudice or, if this is not an option, to at least limit the damage as much as possible.

Rental law / Tenancy law

Our team will advise you on the contents of the rental agreement and on the associated obligations and rights. We will answer your questions regarding commercial tenancy law, residential law, shared housing law and all legal aspects of tenancy law.

Labor and personnel law

Do you have questions about labor law?

We competently support and advise employers and employees in all areas of labor law, e.g. on rights of termination of the employment contract, protection against dismissal, severance pay, mobbing and much more.vv

We will listen to you, assess your situation, and suggest appropriate solutions.vvv

Work contract law and building law

Many unpleasant surprises can occur during a construction project. Clear contracts and conditions can save you many inconveniences such as construction craftsman's lien.

Our lawyers will show you loopholes in the contract, advise you on how to proceed and represent your interests, if necessary, also in court.

We advise you also in the following legal areas:

  • Sales contract law
  • Loan agreements
  • Leasing contracts
  • Mandate law
  • Broker agreements
  • Shipping contracts
  • Guarantees

When is an order an order? What is the difference between an order and a work contract? When is a service considered performed? We can answer all these questions and many more.

Make an appointment so that our lawyers can advise you.

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