We offer comprehensive legal advice and guidance as well as all legal and notarial services for companies, private individuals and in special fields.


Notary's office for Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft

You would like to start a business? Buy a house? Do you have questions regarding the drafting of a will? Do you want to ensure that your business continues to operate according to your will in the event of an accident or illness?

We help you to fulfil such wishes and solve problems. Our team of notaries is at your side with many years of experience.

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Family law and marriage law

Do you want to separate or divorce? Would you like to get a first overview of your situation? Does a person in your family have legal problems?

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Inheritance law

Do you want to settle your estate fairly and without much effort? The distribution of the estate should be correct and without dispute? Do you have general questions about inheritance law?

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Corporate law

As a company founder, would you like advice and support in the implementation? Do you already have a company and want to change the legal form or are you looking for investors and want to draw up the contract?

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Contract law

Do you want to withdraw from an existing contract? Or would you like to have a contract reviewed by an expert or have a tailor-made contract drafted? Do you need general terms and conditions or would you like to have existing terms and conditions reviewed?

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Criminal law

Has the prosecution brought you in for questioning as an accused person?

Are you unaware of your rights as an accused person? For example, does the right to refuse to testify apply?

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Administrative law

Do you disagree with an official decision? Do you wish to lodge a complaint (appeal or objection)?

Have you been denied a permit or was it subject to conditions? For example, are you not allowed to use the forecourt in front of your restaurant as a terrace? How can you proceed in such a case?

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Insurance law / Liability law

Would you like to know how long you are entitled to daily sickness benefit? Have you suffered damage to your health and would like to find out whether accident and / or disability insurance will compensate you? Are you still entitled to pension fund benefits? Or have you caused damage with a third-party car and would now like to know whether the insurance covers it?

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IP law

In the age of digitization, the protection of intellectual property is of utmost importance. Logos, names and images can be copied and used elsewhere without much effort.

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Transport law

Was your shipment damaged during transport or was it delivered too late? Do you want to reset your transport contracts in order to protect yourself against liability cases? Do you need support in customs law disputes?

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Legal representation

Do you need a trial lawyer to support you in a court case?

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SME consulting

Are you looking for a corporate lawyer? Do you need legal advice for your company? Do you want to draw up new employment contracts in your company or have the existing contracts checked for the need for action?

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Start-Up consulting

Do you have a brilliant business idea? Do you want to found a company? Do you want to fulfil your wish of your own company and become your own boss? Do you have any questions about your business plan, about the advantages and disadvantages of the respective legal forms or about the process of founding a company?

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Are there conflicts between the founders of a company? Or can you not reach an agreement with your contractual partner? Are there inconsistencies between heirs or spouses?

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