Family law and marriage law

Do you want to separate or get divorced? Would you like to get an initial overview of your situation? Has ...

Do you want to separate or divorce? Would you like to get a first overview of your situation? Does a person in your family have legal problems?

Our family law attorneys can help you.

Our work processes are transparent. We consider it our duty to inform you about what we are doing for you, the outcome to be expected and the costs it involves. Therefore, at the beginning of each mandate, we define clearly with you the content of the project and advise you on the associated costs.


Legal separation does not dissolve a marriage but establishes a different regime with specific consequences. When is legal separation advisable? We will gladly answer your questions on this topic and assist you in further proceedings.

A preliminary consultation with our lawyers will allow them to get insight into your specific situation and help you to find the right solution for you and your family.


We have an expert team of divorce lawyers and financial specialists who can advise you on all aspects of marriage law. We are also happy to answer your questions on separation of property, custody, and child support. Our international network of law firms and the excellent language skills of our team allow us also to provide assistance on an international level if one of the spouses lives or works abroad.

Our divorce lawyers will gladly represent your interests and provide you with legal assistance.

Child representation

We also represent minors, i.e. children and adolescents, in divorce and separation proceedings, as partition counsel in inheritance distribution or in child protection proceedings, juvenile criminal proceedings or criminal proceedings. Our child attorneys accompany and support you and your child in court and in dealing with the legal authorities (such as the KESB).

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Amendments and complementary processes

After a separation or a divorce, the situation within the family changes over time. In such cases, it may be necessary to amend the judgment or agreement. This usually involves custody or alimony.


Mediation is a procedure for the constructive settlement of a conflict.

Mediation takes place voluntarily. As an intermediary between the parties, the mediator facilitates the process until agreement is reached. Besides the legal settlement of disputes in cases of separation, divorce, and other family conflicts, it is also important that the parties involved overcome the conflict and understand and accept the new specifics of the family structure. This makes it easier for all those concerned to define the framework of the divorce settlement.

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Notarial services

Our notaries and attorneys will advise you on the drawing up of a prenuptial agreement, the separation of property or community of property, and accompany you throughout the entire process with legal competence and understanding.

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